The St. Paul Ministries

St. Paul offers numerous ministries to our church and community, there is something for everyone.  Learn more or become part of one of our many groups by sending an email to the church office.  Please specify which ministry(s) you are  interested in and someone will contact you.

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The Liturgical Ministries

Lector: The Ministry of Lector is an invitation to proclaim the Word of God in the midst of the assembly during the celebration of Mass. If God has given you a good voice for reading, and a willingness to stand in front of the congregation without excess anxiety—This may be the Ministry for you.
Community Leader: The Ministry of Community Leader involves welcoming everybody to the Liturgy, making announcements, giving guidance to the congregation in announcing the upcoming songs/hymns—Leading the Prayers of the Faithful.
Greeter: The Ministry of Greeter is welcoming people to our Liturgy in the atrium before entering the Sanctuary. If you have the gift of hospitality—this would be an ideal ministry for you.
Usher: The Ministry of Usher involves hospitality, guiding people to their seats, and being attentive to the needs of the congregation during the celebration of the Eucharist. It also involves taking up the collection and passing out any necessary information, including the bulletin.
Acolyte: The Ministry of Acolyte is what we have traditionally named Altar-Server, ordinarily performed by the young men and women of our community; (usually those between 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation).
Extra-ordinary Minister of the Eucharist: What a great and wonderful ministry—the opportunity and the privilege to administer the Body and Blood of the Lord to our brothers and sisters in the Congregation!
Ministry to the Sick/Homebound: This a very special ministry; it involves bringing the Body of Christ and attending to the needs of our brothers and sisters who cannot be with us in the celebration of the Eucharist due to infirmity or age limitations.
Sacristan: The Ministry of Sacristan is essentially being in charge of the Sacristy during the celebration of the Eucharist. This person is attentive to the fact that all items, cups, vessels, books, and ceremonial pieces are in place prior to the commencement of the Eucharist. This could be one person for each of the three Masses.
Altar Angels: The Ministry of “Altar Angel” involves the washing, ironing and preparation of all the Altar linens (corporals, purificators, towels) used in the celebration of the Eucharist. This is an extremely important ministry in the service of our Community and is all performed very much in the background. We would really appreciate some additional members in this group who would be attentive to the Altar cloths, the server’s robes and Priest’s/Deacon’s robes. (A matter of seeing that they are delivered to the laundry/cleaners and returned when needed).
The Lazarus Ministry: This Ministry involves everything to do with death/bereavement. It has many different aspects. The Ministry covers such items as:
  • Visiting with family on the death of a loved one.
  • Bringing food, preparing food, and serving a meal for family and friends at the conclusion of the Funeral Services.
  • Helping the family plan and prepare for the Funeral Service; choosing Readings, music, etc.
  • Follow up visits to support the family of those who have lost a loved one and are grieving.
  • Writing a note or sending a card, making a phone call(s) to minister and offer care of our Parish Family.
Liturgical Art and Environment: This Ministry involves set-up and take-down of various and sundry items used to give greater expression to the celebration of the Eucharist. It is a ministry of being creative and expressive in bringing life to our worship space especially during changes in the Liturgical Cycle (ie. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, etc.)
More Ministries of Saint Paul Catholic Church

Matt’s House: Matt’s House Emergency Shelter for Woman and Children provides shelter for homeless women and children. For over 300 guests a year, Matt’s House offers a safe, nurturing environment while staff assists residents in finding housing, employment, or transportation back to their families. Matt’s House is located at 343 Adelle Street in Jackson. One Sunday each month, Saint Paul Catholic Church brings requested supplies and a home-cooked meal to the residents.

Saint Paul Youth Band: The 7’th – 12th grade youth of Saint Paul are sharing their voice and musical instrument talents. The Youth Band will be performing fun and uplifting songs for Mass and other Church activities. There is always room for additional instruments and helpers.

Knights of Columbus:The Knights of Columbus were founded in 1882. We are an organization of dedicated Catholic men – 1 million members strong and growing. Guided by four core Principles – Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. The Knights focus on projects to support Church, Community, Family, Youth and Pro-life.

Eucharistic Adoration: One of the great spiritual gifts of Saint Paul Parish is Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Our Adoration Chapel is open from 8:00AM to 12:00 noon. Monday through Friday, with the exception of Holy Thursday morning and Good Friday. This “ministry of prayer” is possible because many of our parishioners have made and kept a commitment to come to pray one hour each week before the Eucharistic Lord.

Stewpot Food Pantry: The Stewpot Food Pantry ministry collects food for Stewpot Community Services. The Pantry is a mini-grocery store located on West Capitol Street in Jackson. The provide a 4-day supply of food for selected applicants. Only a few volunteers arc needed at Saint Paul for this ministry which involves collecting the items from the large basket in the lobby and transporting them to the Pantry location either weekly or bi-monthly. The Stewpot Pantry itself has an ongoing need for many volunteers for its various ministries.

Buildings and Grounds Committee: This Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all existing buildings as well as the design and supervision of any new construction. The grounds and the landscaping fall within this committee and they are concerned with safety, design, settling, and maintenance of the property during all seasons.

Faith Formation/Religious Education: The Religious Education Program at Saint Paul is open to all children of our parish from ages 4 to 12th grade. We assist parents with educating their children in our Catholic Faith. We offer preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in second grade and the Sacrament of Confirmation in 11th grade. Elementary children (4 years to 6th grade) meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15AM. The 7th – 12th graders meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00PM – 8:00PM beginning with a meal at 6:00PM. The Faith Formation Office oversees the Small Group Bible Classes, Book Study Groups, Sunday Scriptures Discussion Group, and the Why Catholic? series.

Sunday Scriptures Discussion Group: We meet on Thursday evenings at 6:00PM. If you want to learn more about the Sunday readings and make Mass even more meaningful. this is for you. If you are a Lector, it is a wonderful way to become familiar with the readings. All are welcome an come as you are!

Art and Environment: The purpose of this ministry is to prepare and decorate the church for the Liturgical Seasons. This also involves the care of the outdoor plants, the garden and the indoor plants. Decorating the Church and related spaces enhances the sensory experiences of the Liturgical Seasons. This is a family friendly ministry. Bring the children. All are welcome.

Pro-life Ministries: In this ministry we are working to protect the most vulnerable persons in our society, especially women in crisis pregnancies and their unborn children whose lives may be legally ended at any time for any reason during pregnancy. In the tradition of Jesus Christ, Catholics have a responsibility to speak out and act in defense of these persons. Human life must be respected and protected from the moment of conception. There are many facets to this ministry with both private and public service. Join them and they’ll find work that suits you.

Women’s Guild: This ministry contains a number of “sub-ministries” including providing assistance for Parish functions and hosting receptions, organizing special charities and fund raising to help with special needs within the Parish. We serve coffee and doughnuts on many Sundays as means to gather informally to build community. We are a presence to bereaved families. We are a joyful contributor for the Center for Violence Protection in Pearl, MS by collecting various items and treats for their fragile residents. Come join in.

St. Dominic Food and Pastoral Initiative for Critical Care Families: Our St. Dominic Ministry is supported by the Women’s Guild of Saint Paul Parish. We supply food, lovingly prepared and wrapped, for distribution to the families of patients in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. We often serve over 50 family members. In rotation, other churches offer their services as well. We visit with the families,offering our presence and prayerful support at a difficult time for them.

Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King: We seek to be united with Jesus through our daily work and through our vocations, in order to obtain graces for the conversion of sinners. In addition to performing basic obligations as practicing Catholics, We adopt the following spiritual practices to the best of our abilities;

  • An Allegiance Prayer, Morning Offering and a brief prayer to the Holy Father (every morning)
  • An hour of Eucharistic Adoration each week
  • Participation in a monthly prayer group which includes the Rosary and focused readings.
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation, monthly, and we follow the example of Jesus Christ by treating every one with His patience and kindness.

The Choirs and Music Program: We are a joyful and vibrant ministry. There are opportunities for all age age groups to use their talents to worship. Adults gather on Wednesday evenings to prepare for the 1O:30AM Mass on Sundays. Children in grades 1 through 6th meet for choir rehearsal at 5:45PM also on Wednesday’s. Our newly formed Youth Band practices on Sundays from 5:00PM-7:00PM. Our voices, blended together bring to life the Word of God as we sing and celebrate. Prayerfully consider becoming involved. There is room for you in any of these groups!

The Adult Bible Study: This group meets on Wednesday mornings from 10:00AM-11:30AM.

The Little Common’s Store: This is the most recent addition to the Women’s Guild array of ministries to our community. The Little Store is provided for the convenience of our parishioners and visitors to purchase religious articles on the premises. They set up the vast assortment of items several weekends each year. They are always open for suggestions of new items. It is a not-for-profit event! Monies are used to purchase more items for your selection.

Spiritual Growth Adult Study: This class was created for the parents of children in Sunday morning religious education program. We begin at 9:15AM and conclude at 10:10AM. We studied, “Why do bad things happen to good people” after Hurricane Katrina, by studying the Book of Job. During the recent year of St. Paul, we learned much about his life and teachings and we came to under to understand him in a new light. This year being the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa of Calcutta we are looking into her spirituality by reviewing the book. Experiencing Jesus With Mother Teresa. All are welcome.