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  • What is Eucharistic Adoration?
    • It is sitting in silent communion with Our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament.
    • He is inviting you to sit, adore & listen.
    • Listening & loving are more appropriate than reading and reciting rote prayers.
    • Begin in prayer offering yourself to Him & asking for His Blessings & Graces. Then, clear your mind. Sit in the silence and embrace this special time in His presence. Absorb the Blessings.
    • It may be necessary to re-empty your mind from the meanderings of "to-do lists, wayward thoughts, etc." but each time you do, you are turning your heart toward Jesus and once again choosing to be in union with Him.
    • If you have any questions or hesitations, please call the church office. Every staff member participates in one Holy Hour of Adoration every week. They can offer you guidance & encouragement to begin!
  • USCCB recommended Holy Hour prayers

Following Christ begins this week!

  • Must be pre-registered
  • Sharing Christ will begin in September
    • Sharing Christ will be held on Thursday evenings 
    • If you would prefer a day session, you must call the Church office to let us know! (601-992-9547)
    • Beginning September 7th for 7 weeks with a Saturday Retreat on September 21st. 
    • This Series is for all who will have completed the Discovering Christ & the Following Christ Sessions. Registration will open online soon.
  • Learn more about the ChristLife Series — 1)Discovering Christ    2)Following Christ    3)Sharing Christ
  • See personal testimonies from fellow St. Paul parishioners

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