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This begins our new video series featuring parishioners who tell their experiences of this pandemic, and the ways they have grown in faith and relationship with the Lord. Please consider sharing your story, too! We would love to hear from you!! Call 601.992.9547 or email

Read the Parish Prayer for Healing of Our World
Download the Pocket Prayer Card to pray each day @ noon!

St. Richard Special Kids Day Golf Tournament
October 8, 2020 at Deerfield Golf Club.
Call 601-366-2335 for more info.

Our Parish is reaching souls around the world!
People from at least 7 countries have been tuning in to our St. Paul services on YouTube & Facebook!
Through sharing our worship, we have touched the hearts of some people who had never been to Church, or have been away from the Church for decades, then they found one of our videos online — the Rosary, Chaplet, Lectio, Mass — and they found God!!! Their relationship with Jesus was formed or rekindled because they found our Parish online. What a Blessing! Now they are praying and sharing the Good News with their family and friends.
Help us reach more people! We only need 237 more subscriptions to our YouTube Channel to earn the privilege of livestreaming on YouTube & Facebook. Think of the possibilities….how many more people can we bring to Jesus through sharing our worship services. You can help make that happen. There is no cost and no further obligation. Simply sign up using an email address and you can receive notifications every time we post a new video!

YouTube Update!
We still need about 200 subscribers for our St. Paul YouTube Channel. When we reach 1,000 subscribers, we will have the privilege to livestream our services and events on YouTube and reach many more people who are not on Facebook. Our St. Paul YouTube Channel is a unique address where everyone around the world can view our St. Paul videos. This is a wonderful tool that has kept our parish connected during this pandemic, and has reconnected former parishioners and family members who now live elsewhere. We have also found this to be a valuable evangelization tool where non-believers and fallen-away believers have rediscovered the rich meaning and beauty of the Mass, the value of prayer, and the importance of personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to keep that going! Please subscribe today and invite your family and friends to subscribe. There is no cost. You only need an email address. Another benefit to you is you may elect to receive notification each time a new video is added, so you won’t miss any videos we post! 

We are here for you!
We are aware that many have been greatly impacted by this pandemic. If you have suffered a loss of income and need help with food or other items, please let us know.  Our parish stands ready to share our blessings with anyone in need! To receive assistance, call 601-992-9547  We have a Food Pantry for those in need of food and personal hygiene items. All items are free to anyone in need. Delivery available. We will do our best to help in any way we can. God bless us all!

We encourage all to employ Online Giving that you may continue your support of the great work of the Church especially if you are not attending church in person. Our offertory collections are lower than normal.  
Text the word “Give” to 601-281-0053 or click the “Online Giving” tab
at the top of our Home Page Online Giving

Watching St. Paul Parish Live Events —
See our LiveStream schedule in the Gold Box 
At this time, Facebook is the only platform where we can livestream our events. YouTube requires the channels have 1,000 subscribers to LiveStream, therefore we need more people to subscribe to our YouTube Channel in order to earn the privilege to LiveStream there. It is free to subscribe, and you will receive a notification every time we post a new video! You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch on Facebook Live. Simply click the link on our website and when it asks you to log in, click “not now” at the bottom. This will allow you to watch live. Also, all Facebook Live videos are saved and uploaded to YouTube after the event ends. So you can watch & participate later.

 Feed the Hungry fund (for online giving)
We have a Food Pantry for those in need of food and personal hygiene items. All free to anyone in need. Call 601-992-9547 to get help. God bless us all!

To donate to the Food Pantry:
a) Drop off food donations under the pavilion behind the church near the large parking area on the right. See the list of needed items below.
b) Drop off $25 gift cards.
c) Donate to the St. Paul Feed the Hungry fund online (link below)
Needed non-perishable Items:
peanut butter, cereal or breakfast bars, pasta, rice, spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, canned tuna, chicken, or salmon, canned vegetables, canned fruit, boxed crackers & cookies, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bars of soap, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper, bleach

Thank you!!!


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