The Plan — Mosaic Project

THE PLAN — Mosaic Memorial Project to commemorate our Parish’s experience of the historic pandemic of 2020.

 This memorial will serve 3 purposes:
1) To remember those whom we have lost.
2) To commemorate what we went through during this time, both good and bad, as a church and community.
3) To signify our forward movement and hope for the future.

     This memorial will represent the young and old, singles, small families and large families.  Hopefully everyone in our parish will be able to connect with it in some way and know that you are represented in this story.  It will be a  permanent display for future visitors to learn what we all went through together at this time in history. The final design is going to be very beautiful and meaningful. We will have a surprise unveiling at our Fall Memorial Celebration.
     In order to foster this feeling of connection and ownership we will be asking for your participation in very specific ways:
A) We ask each family or individual to submit a word or words that makes you think of the pandemic and what this time was like for you.
B) We are asking that all of you donate something to include in the mosaic. See the chart below of what we can and cannot use in the Mosaic. You can bring as much or as little as you would like.  Bag or box up your pieces and label it with your name. Then drop it off here at the church.  We would love for each and every family to have at least one piece included in the final project. Call the church office if you have any questions.

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