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22nd Week in Ordinary Time

From Fr. Gerry’s Homily Sunday:
The invitation to each one of us is very clear. Let’s bring all of these present crisis to Him in prayer. Let us listen carefully to Him, and let Him redirect what needs to be redirected in our thoughts, our actions, and in our hearts. And we pray that we may not shy away from taking up this current cross and following in His path. Amen.

— Mass @ 7am (in Church & FacebookLive)
— Adoration @ 11am (in Church)

— Lectio Live! @ 10am (FacebookLive)
— Adoration @ 11am (in Church)
— Daily Mass @ 6pm (in Church & FacebookLive)

— Daily Mass @ 12noon followed by Adoration @ 12:30 pm
(in Church & FacebookLive)

— Adoration @ 11am (in Church)
— Rosary @ 5:45pm & Daily Mass @ 6pm
(in Church & FacebookLive)

— Daily Mass @ 10am followed by Adoration @ 10:30 am
(in Church & FacebookLive)
— Divine Mercy Chaplet @ 3pm (FacebookLive)

— Reconciliation @ 4:30-5pm (in Fr. Gerry’s office)
— Armed Forces Support Ministry Rosary @ 4:45pm (on YouTube)
— Mass @ 5:30 pm (in Church)
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— Mass @ 10:30 am (in Church
 & FacebookLive)
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