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Mass Schedule — 27th Sunday

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Upcoming Second Collection
– October 3 & 4 Pontifical Collection for the Holy Land this collection is normally taken up on Good Friday, but it was rescheduled due to COVID. This collection supports the work of the Franciscans working in the Holy Land. Christians there rely heavily on the help that comes to them during this special day in the Church and our life of faith.

September 28 ~ October 4, 2020

— Daily Mass @ 7am (In Church & FacebookLive)
Mass Intention:  Jeff Baker (RIP)
— Adoration @ 11 am (in Church)

— Lectio Live! @ 10am (FacebookLive)
— Adoration @ 11am (in Church)
— Daily Mass @ 6pm (in Church & FacebookLive)
Mass Intention:  Frances Burford (RIP)

— Daily Mass @ 12noon (in Church & FacebookLive)
Mass Intention:  John Reiss (RIP)
— Adoration follows Mass @ 12:30 pm 

— Adoration @ 11am (in Church)
— Rosary @ 5:45pm & Daily Mass @ 6pm (in Church & FacebookLive)
Mass Intention:  Michael Borg (RIP)

— Daily Mass @ 10am (in Church & FacebookLive)
Mass Intention:  People of the Parish
—  Adoration follows Mass @ 10:30 am
— Divine Mercy Chaplet @ 3pm (FacebookLive)

— Reconciliation @ 4:30-5pm
— Rosary with the Armed Forces Support Ministry @ 4:45pm (Facebook)
— Mass @ 5:30 pm (in Church)
Mass Intention:
Click here to register for October 3rd 5:30pm Mass

— Mass @ 8:00 am (in Church)
Mass Intention:
Click here to register for October 4th 8:00 am Mass
— Mass @ 10:30 am (in Church
 & FacebookLive)
Mass Intention:
    Click here to register for October 4th 10:30 am Mass

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