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*Click here to register for July 18th 5:30pm Mass
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July 13-17 NO Livestream Available.
Check back here and on Facebook for updates & inspirations throughout the week! Sunday @ 10:30 am Mass  will be livestream on Facebookthen later uploaded to YouTube

Attend any Weekday Mass and/or Adoration — No registering!
You may attend Mass and Adoration every Monday-Friday.  No registration will be required as long as attendance remains below our maximum number allowed. Masks are required. (see Mass & Adoration times below)

Daily Mass Times: (held in Family Life Center)
   Mondays @ 7am
   Tuesday & Thursdays @ 6pm
   Wednesdays @ 12noon
    Fridays @ 10am 
Weekend Mass Times:
   Saturday @ 5:30 pm*
   Sunday @ 10:30 am**
*Click here to register for July 18th 5:30pm Mass
** Click here to register for July 19th 10:30 am Mass

ADORATION SCHEDULE (held in Family Life Center)
   Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11am
Wednesdays following 12noon Mass
Fridays following 10am Mass

***Please note: Sunday morning Mass will be on Facebook Live @ 10:30, then later uploaded to YouTube each Sunday afternoon.


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