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We are open for Mass every day!!!

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Daily Mass Times: Mon @ 7am; Tues & Thurs @ 6pm; Wed @ 12noon; Fri @ 10am;  Weekend Mass Times: Saturday @ 5:30pm; Sunday @ 10:30 am
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Mon, Tues & Thurs @ 11am; Wed following 12noon Mass; Fri following 10am Mass

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Livestream Schedule June 22-28
Sunday June 21st @ 10:30 am Celebration of Mass on YouTube
Monday @ 7:00 am Daily Mass on  FacebookLive
Tuesday @ 10:00 am Lectio Divina on  FacebookLive
Tuesday @ 6:00 pm Daily Mass on  FacebookLive
Wednesday @ 12 noon Mass & Adoration on  Facebook Live
Wednesday @ 5:00 pm Rosary for the End of Racism on Facebook Live
Thursday @ 5:45 pm Rosary & Daily Mass on  Facebook Live
Friday @ 10:00 am Daily Mass & Adoration on Facebook Live
Friday @ 3:00 pm Divine Mercy Chaplet on Facebook Live
Sunday June 28th @ 10:30 am Mass on Facebook Livethen later uploaded to YouTube

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***Please note: Sunday morning Mass will be on Facebook Live @ 10:30, then later uploaded to YouTube each Sunday afternoon.

All Daily Masses & Sunday 10:30 Mass will be livestream.

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