Welcome, or as we say in Ireland “Cead Mile Failte” ‘A Hundred Thousand Welcomes’! Thank you for visiting our website at St. Paul Catholic Church in Flowood MS. We are delighted that you have logged-in on our website, if you are a visitor we invite you to join us and pray with us whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you for visiting us! Make yourself at home on our website, and please feel welcome to pray and worship with us, here at St. Paul in Flowood! Please visit us often and stay in touch with us!

Our Parish had a great, rich experience of Lectio Divina during Advent. In Lectio Divina, the process is essentially based on the premise that God will bring His Word to life within us. As we read a passage of Scripture, we trust completely that God will give us a “Word” in the text. If we listen carefully to Him and accept the promptings of His Holy Spirit, He will teach us what He wants us to understand about that Word. It really works!

I felt God lead me in the same way to the word, INTENTION! He guided me to the idea that, just as He gives us a Word in Lectio Divina, if we let Him, He will also give us a word for our Parish to reflect on each month! The word for January is INTENTION. I was so struck by the Intentionality of the Magi in their journey, it made me reflect on my own life. How many circumstances/situations in my life would be much clearer if my intentions were clearer? If I were to ask myself, before each day began, before each meeting, before each Mass, before each gathering, before each meal, before each prayer period, before each event —- What is my INTENTION? —- Imagine if I were to ask myself the same question every time I get behind the wheel of my car, “What is my INTENTION?” Is it merely enough to get from Point A to Point B? — or would I like to enjoy the ride?!? I wonder to myself how different things might be?!? Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy the ride!




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