Lectio Divina

Praying in the ancient form of Lectio Divina is a wonderful way to allow the Lord to speak to us through His Sacred Word in Scripture.

Below are written steps and two videos to help you practice this beautiful form of prayer.


  1. Read (Lectio) – Read a passage of Scripture and listen with the ear of your heart for a word or phrases that stands out.
  2. Reflect (Meditatio) – Read the same passage again and meditate on the word or phrase that the Lord is giving you.
  3. Respond (Oratio) – Read the same passage a third time continuing to listen to the word or phrase. Offer a prayer that arises from this reflection.
  4. Rest (Contemplatio) – Read the passage one last time. Simply sit and listen. Rest in God’s presence.
  5. Run (Actio) – Discern what insight the Lord has given you and how He wants you to put this into action.



Lectio Divinas Prayers Archive

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