Lectio Divina

Praying in the ancient form of Lectio Divina is a wonderful way to allow the Lord to speak to us through His Sacred Word in Scripture. We have groups that meet on Mondays @ 6 pm; and Tuesdays @ 10 am. All are welcome!


  1. Read (Lectio) – Read a passage of Scripture and listen with the ear of your heart for a word or phrases that stands out.
  2. Reflect (Meditatio) – Read the same passage again and meditate on the word or phrase that the Lord is giving you.
  3. Respond (Oratio) – Read the same passage a third time continuing to listen to the word or phrase. Offer a prayer that arises from this reflection.
  4. Rest (Contemplatio) – Read the passage one last time. Simply sit and listen. Rest in God’s presence.
  5. Run (Actio) – Discern what insight the Lord has given you and how He wants you to put this into action.

Lectio Divinas Prayers Archive

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