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What is Lay Ministry? 
How might you become involved in serving the Community of St. Paul Parish?
We invite everyone to pray to the Lord asking how He is calling you to serve. We are certain there is a place for you! All training is provided and each Ministry has a rotating schedule of service. The more people we have involved, the fewer times any one person has to serve, and the richer our Liturgies as each person brings their special gifts to the Altar.

Our main goal is to foster full, active and conscious participation in the Liturgical Celebration in order to encounter the Living God in the Word and Eucharist, then return to the world fulfilling our baptismal call to discipleship. As trained, prayerful Liturgical Ministers, we will help plant that which God will grow.

We want to rejuvenate the deep, spiritual meaning of being a participant in Mass. As St. Augustine said, “Behold what you are. Become who you receive.” Every time we celebrate the Sacred Banquet together, we are fulfilling Jesus’ command to “Do this in memory of Me.” We believe that the Risen Christ is truly present in the Liturgy in the Presider; in the Holy Eucharist as His real presence of Body and Blood; in the Word proclaimed from the Sacred Scriptures; and in the Community gathered in His Name.

We want to rediscover the importance of celebrating with joy, reverence, and essence of the Paschal Mystery. From the time of the apostles, Christians have continually come together to celebrate, to listen to Scripture, and to offer Thanksgiving. The Liturgy is a communal encounter of Christ that brings us all together as a St. Paul Family.

Read through the various ministries below and discern which one is right for you. Feel free to contact the Ministry Leaders with any questions you may have. Thank you for considering joining a Ministry at St. Paul!

More on each Ministry:

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