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Mass Times

Sixth Week of Easter

May 23-29, 2022 Monday @ 10:00 am ~ The Unborn Tuesday @ 6:00 pm ~ Communion Service Wednesday @ 12 noon ~ Communion Service Thursday @ 6:00 pm ~ People of the Parish Friday @ 10:00 am ~ People of the Parish Saturday @ 5:30 pm ~ Fr. Robert Karl (RIP) Sunday @ 8:00 am ~ Phan Van Pham (RIP) Sunday @ 10:30 am ~ People of the Parish Watch St. Paul Livestream here!
Religious Ed & Youth

All Sunday Morning Classes, Wednesday Evening Classes & Children's Liturgy are on Summer Break!

Stay tuned for Big Deal Summer activities!!!
Give and Receive

Details on getting & giving help!

We are here for you! We are aware that many have been greatly impacted by this pandemic. If you have suffered a loss of income and need help with food or other items, please let us know.  Our parish stands ready to share our blessings with anyone in need! Read More to: - receive assistance  - donate to our Table of Plenty food pantry  - help with the Backpack Ministry  - give Online  - volunteer your time

Let us pray for you & with you!

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updated 4/26/22  Free Virtual Catholic Conferences!!!
Virtual Men's Catholic Conference (Apr 29-May1)  With all of the recent assaults on “toxic masculinity”, we might be tempted to think that our main battlefield was outside of us–engaging the media, political landscape, and culture. But, what if that were just a trap? What if the real fight to which you’ve been called was actually the one raging in your own heart? Are you ready to pick the right fight?
Virtual Women's Catholic Conference (May 5-7) What if the solution to boredom and spiritual stagnation was knowing your spiritual gifts and using them? When you discover and learn how to use your spiritual gifts, you gain a new clarity of purpose in God's will for your life.
Read More for more free resources to grow in faith!

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