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October Homilies

October 14, 2018
-Listen here:  Oct 14th Homily
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Listen here:  October 7, 2018*
* Please note there was a malfunction with the recorder, and the ending is cut off. We will work on re-recording and adding the full Homily. In the meantime, listen to what we do have here as it is so rich and most of the Homily is  present.
Read the Sunday Readings here: October 7th USCCB

October Homilies

October 29, 2017.mp3  Fr. Gerry focuses on today's Gospel of the two greatest commandments given by Jesus. First, Love God. Then, love your neighbor AS yourself (not before yourself). Spend time daily to dwell in the truth that you are deeply valued, loved and treasured you are in Him. Listen to the complete Homily — it is rich!

This Sunday's Readings (October 29) text version  and audio version
Next Sunday's Readings (November 5) text version and audio version

December Homilies

December 31, 2017.mp3  Fr. Gerry reflects on celebrating The Holy Family, and what it means to be Holy — it means related to God. All families truly are Holy. Mary and Joseph were not spared from difficulties, hardships and fears though they were the parents of the Christ Child. But, they show us how to be in harmony & in communion with God; how to hear Him and be responsive to Him.

This Sunday's Readings (December 31) text version  and audio version
Next Sunday's Readings (January 7) text version and audio version

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