A Message From Supreme Knight, Patrick E. Kelly

I am often asked what it means to be a Knight of Columbus. My answer is simple. A Knight lives by faith and leads by creative courage. Faith and courage compel us to be men of charity. It is often said “Where there is a need there’s a Knight.” And we prove it every day. We feed hungry families, give coats to kids, protect the vulnerable from catastrophe, and defend the unborn. But we are not merely volunteers. We are servants of Christ who see his face in those we serve. Ours is a charity that evangelizes. Faith and courage inspire us to be men of unity. The Knights are known as the “strong right arm of the Catholic Church.” We have always been firmly united with the pope, the Vicar of Christ. We stand with our bishops, support our priests and aid in the formation of seminarians and religious. We strengthen the family —- the domestic church —- helping men build strong marriages and raise faithful children. We strive to be the family’s first line of defense, encouraging men to embrace their vocation to heroic generosity and self-sacrifice. We are called to protect the truth from those who deny it, and bring the truth to those who need it. Finally, faith and courage bind us together in fraternity. A Knight of Columbus is never alone. Each one of us stands side-by-side with brothers in our parish and around the world. At a time when men are increasingly isolated, we offer solidarity. At a time when men are searching, we offer meaning and mission. Fraternity amplifies all we do. Alone, a man can do good works. Alongside his brother Knights, he can rise to greatness. So what does it mean to be a Knight? It means a life of faith in action, a life boldness in brotherhood, a life worth living. Catholic men are looking for nothing less, and they will find it.