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July Homilies

July 23, 2017.mp3 Fr. Gerry's July 23rd Homily is posted here. 

We do not have recorded homilies from our visiting priests. So, there is no recorded homily for July 16th, and we will not have any recorded homilies until September 10th since Fr. Gerry is in Ireland.

Below are the links for our readings:
July 2   text version and audio version
July 9   text version and audio version
July 16  text version and audio version
July 23 text version and audio version
July 30 text version and audio version

June 2017 Homilies

June 25, 2017.mp3   We move into the longer season of Ordinary Time. Fr. Gerry reflects on the rich Readings of this day — how deeply God knows and loves each one of us & growing our personal relationship with Him. Jesus addresses the disciples and their fear. He assures them to trust Him and know He is with us and guides us. Our number one vocation is who we are in Jesus Christ.

This Sunday's Readings (June 25) text version and audio version
Next Sunday's Readings (July 2) text version and audio version

March 2017 Homilies

March 26, 2017.mp3 Listen as Fr. Gerry takes us through the deep meaning in the story in today's Gospel (John 9:1-41) of Jesus healing the man who had been blind from birth. This is another great teaching on the progression of coming to an understanding of Jesus and growing in a personal relationship with Him. …

February 2017 Homilies

February 26, 2017.mp3   Today Fr. Gerry focuses on the Readings. Isaiah assumes a mother can never forget her child. God our Father never forget any of us either. But, we sometimes feel maybe God has abandoned us when we face extreme hardship. But, God doesn't divert these troubles. Rather, He walks with us. We just tend to turn to Him when all else has failed. Worry doesn't serve us, yet still we worry. 

This Sunday's Readings (Feb 26) text version and audio version
Next Sunday's Readings (Mar 5) text version and audio version

January 2017 Homilies

January 29, 2017.mp3  Fr. Gerry speaks on the Beatitudes Jesus presented in the Sermon on the Mount in today's Gospel.  (Mt 5:1-12A)  How do you see the Beatitudes? Do you see them as impossible ideals? As goals to be achieved? As wishful blessings on those who suffer? Or, as hallmarks of God's Kingdom when it …

December 2016 Homilies

December 25, 2016.mp3  Merry Christmas! Listen to Fr. Gerry's Christmas Day Homily. John 1:1-18 This Sunday's Readings (Dec 25) text version and audio versionNext Sunday's Readings (Jan 1) text version and audio version December 18, 2016.mp3   Matthew 1:18-24  Fr. Gerry speaks about the fears & anxieties some people experience during the Christmas Holiday. He relates …

November 2016 Homilies

November 27, 2016.mp3  Today we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new Liturgical year. Fr. Gerry explores being seekers and bearers of peace as sons & daughters of God. That is the purpose of our existence. Peace & Light are our Mission! This Sunday's Readings (Nov 27) text version and …

August 2016 Homilies

August 28, 2016.mp3     Fr. Al Camp is celebrating Mass for us during Fr. Gerry's absence. His Homily was successfully recorded! Listen here! Last Sunday's Readings (Aug 28th): audio version and text version.This Sunday's Readings (Sept 4th): audio version and text version. August 21, 2016 Homily.pdf  Due to technical difficulties, the Homily recording was not …

October 2016 Homilies

October 30, 2016.mp3  Luke 19:1-10 recalls the great story of Zacchaeus, judged by others yet embraced and loved by Jesus. He was called by name. Jesus also calls us each by name. This parable is about healing, mercy, and how to improve important relationships in life. Jesus embraces and loves each and every one of …

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