Prayer List – please pray for the following

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Garland Wright

Chuck Lafhameyer

Landon Lamonis

Jenny Duffy

Linda Klein

Sherri Dunnaway

Chris Nix

Blanche Stauss

Charles Bryan

Ray Butz

Ed Hayes



Carl Moran, brother of Barbara Westerfield & Frances Gordy

Finn Blaylock, St. Richard student

Karen Mohindroo, sister of Michelle Lalo

Rich Walton, father of Steve Walton

Chris & Cindy Haslob, son & daughter-in-law of Mary Haslob

Calvin Bruce Family

Shirley Lowe, mother of Vicki Garcia

Cheryl Bujac, friend of Donna Reiss

Alice Lewis, mother of Gene Lafhameyer

Baby Grady Falwell, great-nephew of Nath & Jim Roberts

Barrett Talley, grandson of Nancy Talley

Britney Martin, friend of Nancy Talley

Ken Lively, brother of Jo Bowden

Jasper Garland, father of Kristina Gamberini-Garland 

Amber Monet Robertson, niece of Doug Falcon

Mary Christine Hart, friend of Melinda Cannon

Lillian Lalo and baby, daughter-in-law of Michelle Lalo

Al & Mike Waguespack, brothers of Julie Barry



Paul Mandina Sr., father of Cheryl LeBlanc

Victoria Newell, relative of Donna Reiss

Valerie Bergsten, mother of Dawn Clancy

Marjorie Middleton, friend of Marilyn Stefka

Robert Ackroyd, brother-in-law of Jo Bowden

Deborah Tregle, aunt of Renee Borne

JoAnn Richardson, former parishioner

Francine & Bubba Gilmer, daughter & son-in-law of Jane & Rodney Hipp

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