Prayer List – please pray for the following

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Sharon Farner

Ray Butz

Ed Hayes

Marge Daly

Lou Runnels

Ro Agosta

Pete Canizaro

Jesse Spain

Dot Autrey

Michael and Rita O’Boyle

Nancy Stewart



Lillian Lalo and baby, daughter-in-law of Michelle Lalo

Martha Collins, mother of Karen Cox

Al & Mike Waguespack, brothers of Julie Barry

Jo Baggett, wife of Roy Baggett

James Layton Sr. father of Jessica Smith

Jacob Davis, grandson of Sally Jordan

Bobby Latham, nephew of Maxine Miller

Arlys Kyzer, daughter of  Maxine Miller

Ian Cochran, nephew of Vanessa Cochran

Shaun Moody, son of Kay & Robert Moody

Charles Sweeney, father of Rush Sweeney

Paul Gallardo Jr., grandfather of Tonya Sweeney

Chris & Cindy Haslob, son & daughter in law of Mary Haslob

Karen Mohindroo, sister of Michelle Lalo

Rita McDonald, sister of Eileen Lawson

Jimmy Curley, cousin of Jane Free

Jeanne Daussin, godmother of Jennifer Henry

Rene Pierce, cousin of  Craig Giamalva

Dr. Jeffrey Trexler, cousin of Catherine Heintzelman

Annie Pleasants Mize, daughter of Blair & Bill Mize

Joni Hicks, mother of Mark Hicks

Clare Moran, friend of Jean & Owen Lalor

Diane Hawkins, daughter of Bob & Bobbi Tilmann

Michael Tilmann, brother of Bob Tilmann

Theresa Fluhr, niece of Maxine Miller

Tina Keller, niece of Michelle Lalo

Jim & Lynne Prator, parents of Jennifer Henry



Eydie Winkel, mother of Carrie Cullum

Mary McAleese, sister of John McAleese

Vincent Muffuletto, brother of Ron Muffuletto

Byron Thomas Hetrick 

Tommy Autrey, husband of Dot Autrey

Sammie Glorioso

John Otto, brother-in-law of Christine & Ken Weikum

Ellie Jae Everly Watson, grand-niece of Mary Jacq Easley

James Roundtree,  Father of Amy Files

Mary Jo Nelson, friend of Philip Jabour

Mayrene Messer

Mary Ellen Harmon, mother of Pat Harmon

Sheila Alleman, cousin of  Monica Walton

Joyce Levron, aunt of Iris Harrison

Kay Migues, mother of Margaret Nielsen

Everado Diaz Hernandez, father of Anamari Johnson


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