Prayer List – please pray for the following


Georgia Strickland

Leo LaPlume

Dr. Gene Valentine

Donna Reiss

Chris “Spanky” Nix

Alba Hodges

Christy Ladner

Yvonne Thaxton

Judy Bomgardner

Tamika Wray

Gerri Ellis

Sandra Bonom

Landon Lamonis



Patsy Mae Reiss, Mother-in-law of Donna Reiss

Wesley Weaver, nephew of Jennifer Henry

Dudley Orgeron family of Eddie and Renee Borne

Ira Cazenave, family of Eddie and Renee Borne

Gary Britt, friend of David Cannon

Shirley Miller, sister of Kathy Gieger

Gerold Comeaux, friend of Kathy Gieger

Joe McCreary, friend of Louise Pipitone

Cara Smith, friend of Louise Pipitone

Scott Catlin, friend of Catherine Port

Tommy Jordan, friend of Barbara Westerfield

Carolyn Daley, aunt of Betty Cochran

Margaret Shultis, mother-in-law of Monica Shultis

Dena Lively, niece of Jo Bowden

Thomas Thum, friend of David Cannon

John Ervin, friend of Louise Pipitone

Kynsleigh Tapper, friend of Pat Scanlon

Joe McCreary, friend of Louise Pipitone

DeeDee Krupa, daughter of Terri Boswell

Mary Mansell, cousin of Duncan Mansell

Jamie Pace, friend of Cathy Port

Kevin Bailey, friend of Sherry Pitts

Carolyn Fontenot, niece of Kathy Gieger

Edie Agostinelli, granddaughter of Joe & Linda Granger

Gay Ann Abraham, friend of Jo Bowden

Patsy Reiss, mother-in-law of Donna Reiss

Jonah Carlton, grandson of Cecilia Carlton

David Ware, father-in-law of Amber Earles

Lynn Roth, cousin of Linda McKinion

Dionicio Aguilar, family of Ruby Aguilar



Bubba Allen, uncle of Amber Earles

James Barber, Sr., father of Joel Barber

Phillip Laster, friend of Jacob Garner

Marge Ackroyd, sister of Jo Bowden

Katheryn Duguay

Midge Salvo, grandmother of Ashley Lester

Lawrence Gwin, brother-in-law of Monica Ritchie

Susan Long, friend of Cindy Allmon

Donald Oyen, cousin of Jason Richardson

Nick Bower, cousin of Jason Richardson

Jon Swartzfager, father of Glenn Swartzfager

Paulette Welch, aunt of David Welch

Joyce Posey, grandmother of Andrew and Hannah Berry

Paul Avaltroni, uncle of David Cannon

Billie Diane Turner, sister of Rita Wray

Bill Bolls, brother-in-law of Valerie Wylie

Johnny Lomasney, uncle of Eddie Borne

Suzy Rottman

John Avaltroni, uncle of David Cannon

Jaclyn Balmes, niece of Eileen Balmes

Clarence Heintzelman, father of Daniel Heintzelman, grandfather of Kevin Heintzelman

Gary Freeze, friend of Katherine Newell

Daniel Bures

Mike & Candy Failor, family of Cecilia Carlton

Ann Oakes, grandmother of Rene Garner

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