Prayer List – please pray for the following

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Tom Mullen

Doug Falcon

Zena Lowrey

Janie Romero

Ron Millington

Tom Mullen

Cathy Mansell

Kevin Smith

Marcia Butz

Richard & Marion Viberg

Carolyn Rehm

John Bonelli

William Carollo

Jerry Manieri

Lalande Harkins

Pete Canizaro

George Ferguson

Eileen Balmes

Joan Millington

Liz LaFontaine

Lois Deane

Ray Butz

Martha Catherwood

Gary Harkins

Cliff Russell



Larry Bright, grandfather of Jennifer Duffy

John Kaiser, brother of Amy Kaiser

Anna Ogden, mother of Melanie Ogden

Ruth Sellers, sister of Alice Mitchell

Norbert Penrose, cousin of Jerry Manieri

Randy Jenkins, brother of Donna O’Brien

Rosa Fertitta, aunt of Ginger Plauche

Kathleen Witt, sister of Christine Weikum

Cyndy Bernhardt, sister of Christine Weikum

Elouise Winstead, sister of Dot Autrey

JW Searcy, father of Jimmy Searcy

Rick Sanders, friend of Linda McKinion

Marie Murphy, friend of Linda McKinion

Fr. James Gilbert, great uncle of Collice Hamburg

Cindy Luebbert-Forck, friend of Louise Pipitone

Dr. Sharon A. Watson, sister of Mary Jacq Easley

Fr. Al Camp

Dennis McFadden, father of Robert McFadden

Jason Kyzar, grandson of Maxine Miller

Amy Catherwood, sister-in-law of Eileen Balmes

Lillie Brown, mother of Bonnie Alford

Fr. Bernie Farrell



Mildred Jordan

Brelon Hall, grandfather of Cory Head

Kathleene Galloway, sister of Louise Pipitone

Joe Heitzmann, cousin of Jerry Manieri

John Dellavalle, brother of Bill Dellavalle

Altha May Walker, mother of Shelia Foggo

Odell Crenshaw, father of Brande Beddingfield

Bobby Ward, co-worker of Elizabeth Lee

Carolyn Cagle, aunt of Alan Black

Nancy Willard, friend of Alan Black

Pedro Moscoso, grandfather of Brisa Aldorf

Mike Brown, brother of Renee Gosselin

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