Prayer List – please pray for the following


Will Sekul

Theresa Zabaldano

Cliff Russell

Shannon Falcon

Maggie Peacock

Larry Moeller

Donna Reiss

Jan Docter

Lexie Gosselin

Dot Autrey

Roberta Howell

Frank Farner

Brenda Kuriger

Pam Harkins

Scarlett Larkin

Kathy Gieger

Geralyn Montegut

Freda Gosselin

Betty & Bill Longo

Abigail Phillips

Cheryl Rivers

Amy Topik

Katheryn Duguay

Helen Crothers

Karen Cox

Frank Buras

Gene Lafhameyer

Johnny Gussio

Joey Fuller

Ann Chastant

Chad LaFontaine

Nancy Talley

AJ Cerami

Lamar Morton

Kevin Smith

Mike Kuriger

Mary Rogers

Landon Lamonis

Cathy Port



Bill Bolls, brother-in-law of Valerie Wylie

Waylon Fratesi, infant son of Garrett and Blaze Fratesi

Edward Couch, father of Shannon Couch

Luke Mire, friend of Marge & Jim Kovach

Patsy Verucchi, sister-in-law of Linda McKinion

Mary Mason, friend of Linda Granger

Opal Post, sister of Louise Pipitone

Danielle Post, niece of Louise Pipitone

Eliza Cate Iles, infant daughter of Allison & Jacob Iles

Robert Summerlin, father of Laurie Harkins

Bethany Graham, granddaughter of Rena & Frank Graham

David Docter, husband of Jan Docter

Shylar Becker, son of Raine Becker

Joe Molitierno, friend of Colleen Welch

Laurence Gasnault, family of Mona Gasnault

Kelly Davis, friend of Jayne & David Welch

Marian Cerami, granddaughter of Fred Cerami

John Guerriero, brother-in-law of Kate Medlock

Richard Wages, father of Amy Lynn

Carolyn Eidt, cousin of Linda McKinion

JoAnn Traub, sister of Sharon Farner

Nathalie Olcese

Rob Marsh, son of Cheryl Marsh

Ralph Pendleton, friend of Marjorie Whitmarsh

Bob Houston, father of David Houston

Emily Borne, sister-in-law of Eddie & Renee Borne

Hannah Korlath, infant daughter of Jessica & Jon Korlath

Daniel & Christy Harreld and baby William, family of Tony Schmidt

Katie Atkinson, friend of Jennifer Henry

David Clune, father of Joe Clune

Charles Graeber, brother of Lonnie Graeber

Presley Gibbs, godson of Selena Swartzfager

Lynne Prator, mother of Jennifer Henry

Colleen Englert, sister-in-law of Cindy Allmon

Peggy Higgens, sister of Cheryl Marsh

Larry Argiro, father of Patty Warriner

Joan Beaver, cousin of Eppie Jaramillo

Peggy Kuchera, sister of Sueann Prybylski

Carolyn Trigleth, sister-in-law of Ann Divine

Paul Milner, brother-in-law of Ann Divine

Walter Jones, brother of Rosie Nettles

Michael Mahaffey, son of Stephanie Mahaffey

Fr. Tom Delaney

Liza McKinion, daughter-in-law of Linda McKinion

Michael Clancy, brother of Stephen Clancy

Donald Head, father of Cory Head

Eric McDonald, friend of Alfred Brown

Jerry Brower, family member of Betty Cochran

Sherry Wall, sister-in-law of Marguerite Wall

Anna Marie Pauli, mother of Eva Oliveri

Amy Catherwood, sister-in-law of Eileen & Brian Balmes

Ed Schmidt, brother of Tony Schmidt and friend of Kevin & Sue Smith

Laura Winkler, daughter of Cliff & Linda Russell

Tabatha Head, sister-in-law of  Cory Head



Darren O’Donnell, brother of Kevin O’Donnell

Jan Bergeron, family member of Julie Michael

Bob Head, father of Donny & Joey Head, grandfather of Cory Head

Fr. Ronald Piepmeyer, cousin of Sam Hamburg

John Richter, father of James Richter

Cheryl Robertson, mother of Jessica Robertson

Stacy Wolf, DRE of St. Jude Catholic Church

Cathy Myers Patterson, friend of Patricia Holder

CK Prudhomme, brother of Ann Chastant

Faye Humphery, aunt of Kathy Gieger

Bernice Brissette, mother of Kathy Kennedy

JoEllen Hatch, niece of Jane Hipp

Doreen Di Muro-Hornocker, cousin of Chris Giordano

Fred Lumampao Sr., father of Fremie Lumampao

Dominador Pabalate, father of Beth Moreau

David Hunt, uncle of Shannon Couch

Nita Yarbrough, aunt of Tony Schmidt

Bishop Joseph Latino

Paul Torres, father of Matt Torres

Fr. Andre Gariepy, cousin of Leo LaPlume

Jimmy Dye, family of Tony Schmidt

Susan Bither, friend of Shileen Craig

Katie Kirby, friend of Fr. Gerry

Estelle Maier, mother of Brian Maier

Joyce Dye, family of Tony Schmidt

Pat LeBlanc, cousin of Paula Young

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