Prayer List – please pray for the following

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Sr. Paula Blouin

Joan Millington

Janys Canizaro

David Welch

George Ferguson

Barbara Pezet

Ed George Klein

Liz Bang

Marty Thomas

Liz LaFontaine

John Coulter Stewart, son of Lauren & Zach Stewart

Lois Deane

Stephanie Avritt Julian

Ray Butz

Marion Viberg

Martha Catherwood

Gary Harkins

Cliff Russell



Amy Catherwood, sister-in-law of Eileen Balmes

Betty Sue Swan, sister-in-law of Iris Harrison

Mary Lou Peeples, friend of Cheryl Rivers

Lillie Brown, mother of Bonnie Alford

Fr. Kevin Slattery

Fr. Bernie Farrell

Robert Radcliff, friend of Doug & Shannon Falcon

Alvin Folse, father of Renee Borne

Elouise Winstead, sister of Dot Autrey

Vaughn Outman, brother-in-law of David Browman

Pamela Dean, sister of Jennifer Henry

Chris Haslob, son of Mary Haslob

Marion Cerami, granddaughter of Fred Cerami

Rich Walton, father of Steve Walton

Ronald T Zebrowski, father of Donna Reiss

Kim Brown, daughter of Ken & Zena Lowrey




Lloyd Pousson, uncle of Monica Walton

Dr. Carl Moran, brother of Barbara Westerfield & Frances Gordy

Jasper Gamberini, father of Kristina Gamberini-Garland

Josephine Cannon, mother of David Cannon

Billie Brown, mother of Walter Brown

Barbara Vincke, cousin of Maggie Peacock

Larry Temple, former parishioner

Diane Brechtel, mother of Mike Brechtel

Sarah Elizabeth Favara, mother of Lisa Luley

Mary Ray, sister of Joe Donovan

Blanche Stauss

George Kehle, brother of Betty Heathman

Edith Granger, mother of Joe Granger

Leroy Salazar, nephew of Rosina Ready

Arnold Espinoza Jr, nephew of Rosina Ready

Michael Kurtz, cousin of Cindy Allmon

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