Prayer List – please pray for the following


Cathy Port

Donna Reiss

Sue & Kevin Smith

Barbara & Woody Westerfield

Rachel Mathias

Gary Harkins

Kate Medlock

Connie Graef

Liz LaFontaine

Jennifer Freeland

Grace Long

Nancy Stewart

Dot Autrey

Bill Longo

Winnie Browman

Rodney Hipp

Phil Axton

John Lawson

Katheryn Duguay

Linda Russell

Belkys Padilla

Bob Flaherty

Brenda Kuriger

Martha Catherwood

Mary Haslob

Frank Chenevert Sr.

Christine Weikum

Marion Viberg

Marge Daly

Landon Lamonis

Tom Mullen

Ron Millington

Carolyn Rehm

John Bonelli

George Ferguson

Ray Butz



Joyce Gray, mother of Ted Gray & Gretchen Ware

Bob Fuquay, father of Erica Lumaghini

Jane TD & RJD

Livia Gabriela

Iranice Tavares

Luciana Lima

Linda Rasberry, mother of Melissa Ochu

Davis Jaison

Butch Boren, uncle of Jeffrey McIntyre

Corinne Black, mother of Alan Black

Kristijan, friend of Marija

Courtney Leger, daughter-in-law of Doug & Shannon Falcon
and newborn granddaughter, June Leger

Amanda Donovan, granddaughter of Patty & Joe Donovan

Chris Amos, son of Pat Amos

Mary Hope, mother of Roy Robinson

Dave Lehman, cousin of Alan Black

Liz Tillson, family of Hilda Moeller & Teresa Davis

Jordan Parker, friend of David Cannon

Rich Walton, father-in-law of Monica Walton

Michael Clancy Jr, father of Stephen Clancy

Ester Jiron, sister of Eppie Jaramillo

Dorothy Lewis, friend of Maxine Miller

Noah Townsend, cousin of the Borne Family

Samantha Shoals, friend of the Kovach Family

Madeline Heitkemper

Dr. Jeff Minor

Dr. Sharon A. Watson, sister of Mary Jacq Easley

Tammy Hill, friend of Susan Weldy

Edward “Bubby” Everhardt, brother of Linda Buras

Lindsey, friend of Linda McKinion

Steve Richards, friend of Melinda & David Cannon

Raajiv Prasad

Sathish Hari

Alvin Folse, father of Renee Borne

James Williams, father of Leah Head

Dolores East

Madeline Heitkemper

Shirley Welch, mother of Kim Manieri

Connie Brown, sister-in-law of Renee Gosselin

Brian Horn, cousin of Angelika Accardo

Delbert Hosemann, cousin of Cecilia Carlton

M/M Tommy Rainey, sister & brother-in-law of Brenda Gaspard

John Mikel Merchant, friend of Brenda Kuriger

Salvador Rebello

Matthew Cini, brother of Kerri Irby

Theresa Ingram

Jane Rillis, mother of Alice Cobb

Chris Haslob, son of Mary Haslob

Mike Elser, brother of Jayne Welch

Betty Meehan, friend of Monica Walton

Charles Middleton, nephew of Marilyn Stefka

Annabelle Borne, niece of Renee & Eddie Borne

JoAnn Foret, mother of Rebecca Harris

Scott McKinion, son of Linda McKinion

Peggy Cothran, mother of Melinda Cannon

D’Arcy Masters, friend of Amanda Port

Martha Winstead, sister of Dot Autrey

Racine Nail, grandmother of Collice Hamburg

Warren Moran, brother of Frances Gordy & Barbara Westerfield

Millie Adcock, granddaughter of Mike and Kate Medlock

Wayne Grantham, brother-in-law of Angela & Stephen Cohen

Sister Mary McDermott, friend of Monica Walton

Stevie Stephenson, friend of Sheri & Chad Watts

Nancy Parker, aunt of Karen Cox

Jason Kyzar, grandson of Maxine Miller



Betty Schuler, aunt of Ted Gray & Gretchen Ware
Mary Roques, aunt of Karen Cox
Cody Mitchell, nephew of Jerry Manieri
Carr Arthur, brother-in-law of Teri Gieb
Veronica Guidry
Rudolph Gill Sr, father of Sheena Pace
Ron Garner, father-in-law of Janys Canizaro

David Gosselin, father of Steve Gosselin

Douglas Riney, father of Shelley Malone

Charles Brocato

Patricia Speer, grandmother of Collice Hamburg

Carol Scott, friend of Cecilia Carlton

Jack Catherwood

Angela Wineland

Richard Jaramillo, brother of Eppie Jaramillo

John Breithaupt, brother of Judy Raney

Michael Borg, brother of Shirley Garrard

LJ Folse, uncle of Renee Borne

Patricia Burks, friend of Collice Hamburg

Pam Taylor, friend of Amy Topik

Scott Gerald Peterson, son of Jerry Peterson

Nezzie Merritt, sister of Jimmy Searcy

Gerald Eastlick, uncle of Jason Richardson

Benell Ramsdell, mother of Lori Ramsdall

Frances Burford, mother of Gail Cado

Karen Bergeron, sister of Chris Bergeron

Edward Guidry, father of Phyllis Giamalva

John Culver, brother of Erin Culver

Darren Michael Carter, son of Sheila Carter

Jack Klein, friend of Helene McDonald

Hugh Easley

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