Prayer List – please pray for the following


Kenny Weikum

Jeanette Britt

Connie Graef

Marge Whitmarsh

Maxine LaPlume

Peggy Burns

Marge Kovach

Robbie Oliveri

Anna Pauli

Teresa Spain

Betty Longo

Reneè Carpenter

Judy Carr

Margaret McAleese

Patricia Gordon

Nancy Talley

Ana Escalante

Landon Lamonis

Tom Mullen

Ron Millington

Kevin Smith

Liz LaFontaine

Richard & Marion Viberg

Carolyn Rehm

John Bonelli

Jerry Manieri

Lalande Harkins

George Ferguson

Ray Butz

Martha Catherwood



Esther Cowell, neighbor of Jo Bowden

Jerry Snell, neighbor of Jo Bowden

Marie & Gerald Peralta, friend of Jo Bowden

The McNeese Family

Dan Armstrong, brother-in-law of Ed Prybylski

Steve Richards, friend of Melinda Cannon

Theresa Fluhr, niece of Maxine Miller

Kenneth Stewart, father of Karen Giordano

Doe Signa, brother-in-law of Jo Anne Braswell, Bill Morris, Kate Morris

Chris Clements, friend of Jeffrey McIntyre

JW Searcy, father of Jimmy Searcy

Joseph Tibenski, friend of Colleen Welch

David Docter, husband of Jan Docter

Lynn Segars, friend of Donna Reiss

Martha Martin, co-worker of Joseph Curro

Anna Taylor, friend of Colleen Welch

Elsie Lalor, stepmother of Owen Lalor

Marguerite Cook, sister of Joni Savage

Harry Miller, husband of Maxine Miller

Peggy Cini, mother of Kerri Irby

Nancy Parker, aunt of Karen Cox

Kenny Starita, son of Matilda Pavolini

Ella Grace Miller, granddaughter of Helene McDonald

Ken Graeber, cousin of Lonnie Graeber

Teresa Whiteside, friend of Jim & Amy Blair

John Kaiser, brother of Amy Kaiser

Anna Ogden, mother of Melanie Ogden

Ruth Sellers, sister of Alice Mitchell

Norbert Penrose, cousin of Jerry Manieri

Randy Jenkins, brother of Donna O’Brien

Rosa Fertitta, aunt of Ginger Plauche

Kathleen Witt, sister of Christine Weikum

Elouise Winstead, sister of Dot Autrey

Fr. James Gilbert, great uncle of Collice Hamburg

Dr. Sharon A. Watson, sister of Mary Jacq Easley

Jason Kyzar, grandson of Maxine Miller

Amy Catherwood, sister-in-law of Eileen Balmes

Lillie Brown, mother of Bonnie Alford



Brennon McNeese, friend of the Borne Family

JD Ford, relative of the Watts Family

Fr. Bob Olivier

Karlene Slyman, cousin of Philip Jabour

Michael Tummillo, brother of Debbie Goodman

Allen Lee Leger, son of Shannon & Doug Falcon

Beverly Cazenave, friend of the Borne Family

Mary Antee, mother of Margie Delaney

Fr. Al Camp

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