Prayer List – please pray for the following

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Marty Thomas

Dennis Antici

Chris Nix

Liz LaFontaine

John Coulter Stewart, son of Lauren & Zach Stewart

Lois Deane

Allie Vandiver

Stephanie Avritt Julian

Brian Frederick

Michelle Lalo

Jackie Hoey

Ray Butz

Amanda Port

Connie Page

John Mathew

Ian Ladner

Angela Phillips

Sally Jordan

Blanche Stauss

Marion Viberg

Hugh Pickett

Teresa Spain

Martha Catherwood

Gary Harkins

Cliff Russell



Kim Brown, daughter of Ken & Zena Lowrey

Larry Temple, former parishioner

Cecily Gatlin, granddaughter of Tim & Margaret Corbitt

Nathan Allen, grandson of John & Helen DeCantillon

Josephine Cannon, mother of David Cannon

Mary Christine Hart, friend of Melinda Cannon

Piper Leigh Parten, granddaughter of Steve Parten

Fred Parrish, father of Shelley Cranston

Maggie Brooks, mother of Bryant Brooks

Vivian Cauchi, cousin of Shirley Garrard

Bill Hipp, brother of Rodney Hipp

Gail Davis, sister-in-law of Kate Medlock

Esther Cowell, friend of Jo Bowden

Jerry Snell, friend of Jo Bowden

Cindy Forck, friend of the Pipitone Family

Susan Harper, friend of Maxine Miller

Ethan Gaspard, great-grand nephew of Jane & Rodney Hipp

Jason Tennon, son of Delores Tennon

Mike Vandiver, father of Jared Vandiver

Briana Tennon, daughter of Delores Tennon

Matt Matrick, friend of Cathy Mansell

Amanda Trapp & unborn baby, daughter of Deb & Robert Scott

Martha Patterson, sister of Alice Thweatt



Edith Granger, mother of Joe Granger

Leroy Salazar, nephew of Rosina Ready

Arnold Espinoza Jr, nephew of Rosina Ready

Michael Kurtz, cousin of Cindy Allmon

Arlene Edgington, stepmother of Cathy Mansell

Joseph Harold Patrick, uncle of Crystal Bennett

Mark Grindley, brother of Tricia Burke

Ernesto Santiago, father of Marla Gray

John Gourlay, grandfather of Grace Gourlay

Cindy Haslob, daughter-in-law of Mary Haslob

Jane Galdis, cousin of Shirley Garrard

Fidella Espinoza, sister-in-law of Rosina Ready

Sr. M. Pauletta Overbeck, O.P., friend of Donna Reiss

David Ballering, relative of Jim and Kathy Mathews

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