Prayer List – please pray for the following


Kate Morris

Gene Valentine

Christy Stanley

Avery Slay

Ben & Peggy Burns

Connie Graef

Pat Amos

Maxine Miller

Owen Lalor

Kathy Geiger

Frank Ready

Jayne Welch

John McAleese

Maggie Peacock

Margaret Hassin

Donna Reiss

Kenny Weikum

Marilyn Baker

Frank Farner

Cliff Russell

Brenda & Mike Kuriger

Betty & Bill Longo

Frank Buras



Gabby Buford, NWR student

Danielle Post, niece of Louise Pipitone

Brexleigh Patin, great niece of Jane Hipp

Corrine Black, mother of Alan Black

Joseph Bryan Stanley, nephew of Teri Boswell

Sue Rainey, sister-in-law of Linda Rainey

Farren Rocconi, niece of Dianne Enis

Baby Bodhi Medders, friend of Linda McKinion

Daniel Topik, father of Derek Topik

Jennifer Robinson, cousin of Amy Topik

Luella Ellmo, mother of Craig Ellmo

Jerry Patrick, father of CJ Bennett

Watt Hemleben, infant son of Joe & Amica Hemleben

Mike Davis, brother of Kate Medlock

Pam Avaltroni, sister of Dianne Enis

Ken Winzen Sr, father of Cheryl Gardner

Bobbie Ott, mother of Karl Ott

Dale Borne, father of Keeley Frederick

Fr. Jose Ramirez, friend of Marge Whitmarsh

Reeyce Fish, grandmother of Mary Fish

Evelyn Bryant, friend of Cecilia Carlton

Ken Cannon, brother of David Cannon

Peggy & Ray Cothran, parents of Melinda Cannon

Philip Petrignani, son of Gian Petrignani

Randall Acerra

Irene Cukec, grandmother of Jill Frier

Emily Allmon, granddaugher of Cindy Allmon

Kelly Galione, friend of Jayne Welch

Walter Berryhill, husband of Elsie Berryhill

Craig Weikum, son of Kenny & Christine Weikum

Michael Curran, friend of Lonnie Graeber

Charlene Fowler, wife of Bill Fowler

Nathan Rainey, grandson of Mary Jacq Easley

Eddie Trapani, stepfather of Renee Borne

Jennifer Chastant, daughter of Ann & Earl Chastant

Lorraine Chavez, mother of Phil Chavez

Diana Crowder, sister of Gene Valentine

Courtney Truss and her children, niece of Susan Weldy

Lorie Busby, sister of Angela Phillips

Dave Holp, friend of Lisa Rademacher

Morgan McKinion, granddaughter of Linda McKinion

Vivian Falcon, granddaughter of Doug and Shannon Falcon

Colby Hinton, son of Jessicka Lockwood 

Brody Perque, nephew of Eddie and Renee Borne

Tammy Ogeron, sister of Eddie Borne

Stephanie Lint and Ken Dyson, friends of Donna Reiss

Cathy Miller, Cousin of Donna Reiss

Shannon Anderson, daughter-in-law of Jim & Marynell Anderson

Jim McCaslin, brother of Marjorie Whitmarsh

Shannon Moody, daughter-in-law of Kay & Robert Moody

Dina Scotti, cousin of Theresa Zabaldano

Opal Post, sister of Louise Pipitone

Eliza Cate Iles, infant daughter of Allison & Jacob Iles

Bethany Graham, granddaughter of Rena & Frank Graham

Shylar Becker, son of Raine Becker

Laurence Gasnault, family of Mona Gasnault

Kelly Davis, friend of Jayne & David Welch

Marian Cerami, granddaughter of Fred Cerami

John Guerriero, brother-in-law of Kate Medlock

Rob Marsh, son of Cheryl Marsh



Tommie Jean Nix, friend of Marge Whitmarsh

Monique Brown Barrett, friend of Theresa Bennett

Joseph Tibensky, friend of Colleen Welch

Ron Fricke, uncle of Gretchen Ware and Ted Gray

David Tompkins, son-in-law of Pat Michael

Jerry Guthrie, husband of Carol Guthrie

Thomas Murray, cousin of Bill Longo

Peas Graeber, brother of Lonnie Graeber

Johnny Gussio, husband of Susan Gussio

Valerie McGarr, aunt of Austin O’Brien

Robert Summerlin, father of Laurie Harkins

Joselina Labis, cousin of Sheila Vuelban & Joan Whitfield

Maxine Walding, aunt of Chad Watts

George Drennan, brother of Michael Drennan

Jane Scott, friend of Cathy Mansell

Joy Laurann Yates, mother of Steve Yates

John Recklehoff, brother of Janie Romero

Kevin Smith


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