Prayer List – please pray for the following


Rosina Ready

Hugh Easley

DeMon McClinton

Rodney Hipp

Liz LaFontaine

Christine Weikum

Mary Weiden Case

Shannon Falcon

Joe Hill

Kate Medlock

Donna Reiss

Frances Gordy

Bob Soukup

Marcy Hill

Marion Viberg

Ben Ticknor

Kevin Smith

Roseanne Gurbisz

Garland Wright

Stephen Bowden

David Mangialardi

Chuck Carr

Gary Harkins

Marge Daly

Landon Lamonis

Tom Mullen

Ron Millington

Carolyn Rehm

John Bonelli

George Ferguson

Ray Butz

Martha Catherwood



Millie Adcock, granddaughter of Mike and Kate Medlock

Wayne Grantham, brother-in-law of Angela & Stephen Cohen

Sister Mary McDermott, friend of Monica Walton

Stevie Stephenson, friend of Sheri & Chad Watts

Carmen Jabour, sister-in-law of Philip Jabour

Joe Allen, brother-in-law of Bill Fowler

Charlene McMinn, sister of Melinda Cannon

Jean Whitaker, friend of Tammy Schmitt

Doreen Antanelli, cousin of Chris Giordano

Tricia Hightower O’Neill, former parishioner

Jim O’Donnell, father of Kevin O’Donnell

Carmen Wolfe-Igleheart, friend of Martha Smith

Theresa Fluhr, niece of Maxine Miller

Sister Gemma Dittle

Ryan Kaiser, nephew of Amy Kaiser

Annabelle Borne, infant niece of Eddie & Renee Borne

Freida McIntire, friend of the Flaherty Family

Catherine Mallarky, sister of Fr. Gerry Hurley

Wayne Capron, brother-in-law of Sharon Farner 

Vicky & Mark Meluso, daughter and son-in-law of Bob & Abby Flaherty

David Docter, husband of Jan Docter

Peggy Cini, mother of Kerri Irby

Nancy Parker, aunt of Karen Cox

Dr. Sharon A. Watson, sister of Mary Jacq Easley

Jason Kyzar, grandson of Maxine Miller



Carolina Sweeney, mother of Matt Sweeney

Anne Bush, mother-in-law of David Houston

DeWayne Allen, mother of Gwen Massey

Elsie Hawkins, mother of Paul & Renee Hawkins

Breana Nix, daughter of Paul & Ginger Thomas

James Raylon Mathew, brother of John Mathew

Dr. Howard Clark, grandfather of Doyle Jefcoat

Danny Hossley, brother of  Marguerite Wall

Nan Christian, friend of Dianne Enis & Donna Lee Reiss

Olga Kalbach, great aunt of Colleen Welch 

Blake Blackwell, cousin of Anthony Carpenter

Elsie Lalor, stepmother of Owen Lalor

Heather Hester, niece of Charla Bowden

Selby Cronen, son of Jesse Cronen

Richard Benton, brother of Theresa Fuller

Richard Viberg

Barbara Burke, mother of Pat Burke

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