Prayer List – please pray for the following


Joey Fuller

Ann Chastant

Logan Files

Heather Drennan

Holly Smith

Amber Earles

Chad LaFontaine

Nancy Talley

AJ Cerami

Lamar Morton

Evelyn Weaver

Larry Moeller

Pat Pipitone

Gary Harkins

Lorrie Drennan

Michael Parsons

Kevin Smith

Mike Kuriger

Carolyn Bergeron

Mary Rogers

Landon Lamonis

Cathy Port

Katheryn Duguay

Brenda Kuriger

Martha Catherwood

Marge Daly

Carolyn Rehm



Donald Head, father of Cory Head

Estelle Maier, mother of Brian Maier

Eric McDonald, friend of Alfred Brown

Jerry Brower, family member of Betty Cochran

CK Prudhomme, brother of Ann Chastant

Sherry Wall, sister-in-law of Marguerite Wall

Dana Ladner, friend of Lauren White

Warren Moran, brother of Barbara Westerfield and Frances Gordy

Lynne Prator, mother of Jennifer Henry

Garry Langston, father of Ashley Shapley

Linda Jabour, wife of Philip Jabour

Dennis Alford, cousin of Cecilia Carlton

Janice & Dwight Jasper, grandparents of Andrew & Shelby Hipp

Anna Marie Pauli, mother of Eva Oliveri

Bob Houston, father of David Houston

Pete Walley, friend of Shirley Garrard

Amy Catherwood, sister-in-law of Eileen & Brian Balmes

Kay Walsh, friend of George LaFontaine

Temple Lymberis, friend of Teresa Davis

Allen Hoggatt, father of Allison Hoggatt

Bill Watson, brother of Mary Jacq Easley

Gerald Greig, father of Janys Canizaro

Deborah Peets, sister of Kim Mathew

Ed Schmidt, brother of Tony Schmidt and friend of Kevin & Sue Smith

Pat LeBlanc, cousin of Paula Young

Jerry Toms, brother-in-law of Al Goodman

Michael Fede, son of Patty Donovan

Laura Winkler, daughter of Cliff & Linda Russell

Phil Fraser, friend of Paula Young

Amanda Windham, sister-in-law of Sarah O’Donnell

Billy Peterson, son of Jerry Peterson

Marie Kaar, friend of Barbara Westerfield

Maureen Connolly, niece of Marion McKee

Nancy Odierno, sister of Cindy Allmon

Ray Cothran, father of Melinda Cannon

Rita O’Boyle, wife of Michael O’Boyle

Andy Thaggard, son-in-law of Cindy Allmon

Penny Allen, daughter of Linda Overman

Rob Marsh, son of Cheryl Marsh

Rosemary Gagliano, sister of Linda Buras

Daren Jenkins, nephew of Eileen Lawson

Anna Lisa Cockrell, sister of Philip Jabour

Gerrianne Waring, sister  of Debbie Goodman

Avery Douglass, granddaughter of David & Winnie Browman

Cathey Gieger, mother of Lorrie Drennan

Lil Brown, mother of Bonnie Alford

Tabatha Head, sister-in-law of  Cory Head

Molly Sullivan, daughter of Stan & April Sullivan

Chris Amos, son of Pat Amos

JoAnn Foret, mother of Rebecca Harris



Willis Granger, father of Joe Granger

Todd Neis, cousin of Jason Richardson

Dale Pickle, cousin of Alan Black

Charles Goldsmith, brother-in-law of Dcn. John McGregor

Fr. Brian Kaskie

Domingo Quino Sr., father of Domingo Quino

Joan Mueller, mother of Ed Mueller

Mae Patrick, grandmother of CJ Bennett

John Marzullo, brother of Grace Long

Chris Haslob, son of Mary Haslob

Debbie Morris, sister of Chuck Mobley

Jim Waring, brother-in-law of Debbie Goodman

Mary Ann Goldsmith, sister of Dcn. John McGregor

Sarah Blalock, friend of Shirley Garrard

Liz Tolson, family of Larry & Hilda Moeller

Martha Barrett

Ronald Nettles Sr, father of Ronnie Nettles

Fred Parrish, father of Shelley Cranston

EO Gardner, father of Stephen Gardner

Jean Hehir, niece of Eileen Lawson

Phil Axton

Nancy Parker, aunt of Karen Cox

Dr. Sharon A. Watson, sister of Mary Jacq Easley

Curtis Horn, uncle of Angelika Accardo

Claude Malone, father of Shaun Malone

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