Prayer List – please pray for the following


Kenny Weikum

Kenneth Hynes

Bill Port

Philip Jabour

Georgia Strickland


Gerald Greig, father of Janys Canizaro

Gerald Noelle, friend of Maxine Miller

Sister Gema, friend of Maxine Miller

Gerald Creig, father of Janys Canizaro

Joanne Myers (and Family), aunt of Emily Garner

Jesse Spain, friend of Teresa Davis

Theo Bridges, cousin of Joe Daly and son of Theresa Daly Bridges

Carl McGill, brother of Bob Pavolini

Sue Smith, friend of many and wife of Kevin Smith


                         Herman Ladner, Jr., nephew of Shirley Welch                         (cousin of Kim Manieri)

Kimberly Myers Smith, Cousin of Emily Garner

Seth Reeves, friend of Katherine Guess

Father Brian Carroll

Johnny Borg, brother of Shirley Garrard

Betsy Pagent, Friend of Kim Walker

George Andelfinger, uncle of Barbara Meadows

Charlie O’Connor, friend of Fr. Gerry Hurley

Eileen McNelis, godmother of Maura McDevitt

Margaret Shultis, mother of Charles Shultis

Joseph Kuriger Jr., brother of Mike Kuriger 

Rosemary Merriman, grandmother of Olivia Webb

Patsy Mae Reiss, mother-in-law of Donna Reiss

Bubba Allen, uncle of Amber Earles

James Barber, Sr., father of Joel Barber

Phillip Laster, friend of Jacob Garner

Marge Ackroyd, sister of Jo Bowden

Katheryn Duguay

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