Prayer List – please pray for the following


Nancy Talley

Daniel Bures

Abby & Bob Flaherty

Teresa Spain

Mike Kuriger

Ron Millington

Bill Longo

Kathy Gieger

Katheryn Duguay

Jennifer Freeland

Gene Valentine

Jo Bowden

Lora Brock

Rita Melson

Joe Thweatt

Jimmy Isonhood

Sandra Bonom

John Lawson

Tootsie Merrell

Bill Harris

Linda Jordan

Ken Hynes

Mary Jo Perkins

Maureen Staley

Reanna Green

Peggy Burns

Linda Massey

Marilyn Baker

Judy Owen

Kim Manieri

David Browman

Margaret Hassin

Brenda Kuriger

Helen DeCantillon

Cynthia Downer

Frank Farner

Cliff Russell

Frank Buras



Rick Bourdier, brother of Paula Young

Bob Kintz, brother-in-law of Patti Donovan

Robert Featherston, nephew of Marge Whitmarsh

Kelly Price, friend of Marge Kovach

Janis Odom, family of Pete & Laurie Harkins

Ben Alford, father-in-law of Mary Alford

Cara Smith, friend of Louise Pipitone

Marge Ackroyd, sister of Jo Bowden

Esther Cowell, friend of Jo Bowden

Iris Gregory, friend of Marjorie Whitmarsh

Irene Cukec, grandmother of Jill Frier

Lydia Gauthier, mother of Holly Smith

Mary Ray, cousin of Katherine Newell

Janiece Rigdon, grandmother of Tracey Mathews

Doris Moss, friend of Linda Rainey

James Rose, brother of Carolyn Bergeron

Eddie Maloney, family of Jean Lalor

Joan Marie McCasland, sister of Jayne Welch

Adam Bowden, son of Stephen & Charla Bowden; grandson of Jo Bowden

Janice Rigdon, grandmother of Tracey Mathews

Eddy Hill, friend of Cindy Allmon

John Paul Robson, son of Shearon Simpson

Terrell and Gretchen Walters Family, friends of Jane Hipp

Jacinta Comeaux, sister of Kathy Gieger

Michiko Greig, stepmother of Janys Canizaro

Kelly Sheppard, friend of Amber Earles

Cameron Self, family of Jane Hipp

Jerrolyn Owens, friend of Louise Pipitone

Bill Poole, uncle of Chad Watts

Willam Precht, nephew of Kathy Gieger

Shirley Miller, sister of Kathy Gieger

Annabelle Letchworth, daughter of Emily Letchworth

Raphael McMillan Jr

Diana & Jeff Crowder, sister and brother-in-law of Gene Valentine

Sherry Wall, sister-in-law of David and Marguerite Wall;
aunt of Allison and Jacob Iles

Jill Woodliff, friend of Monica Walton

Rob Marsh, son of Cheryl Marsh

Rhonda Dunn, sister-in-law of Teresa Birdsong

Anna Marie Pauli, Mother of Eva Oliveri

Donna Fitzgerald, friend of Marjorie Whitmarsh

Kevin Benoit, nephew of Louise Pipitone

Warren Moran, brother of France Gordy & Barbara Westerfield

Janell & Jenny Butler, friends of Linda McKinion

Martha Watt, mother of Lee Watt

Justin & Melissa Pedeaux, family of Gwen Everhardt

Danielle Post, niece of Louise Pipitone

John Avaltroni, uncle of David Cannon

Charles Murray, Sr, father of Charlie Murray

Ames Lee, friend of Ashley Shapley

Nathan Shaw Rainey, grandson of Mary Jacq Easley

Geraldine Lindgrin, friend of Teresa Davis

Gabriel Rigby, son of Lawson Rigby

Jeanette Bergeron, sister-in-law of Caroline Bergeron

Lexi Welch, niece of Kim Manieri and granddaughter of Shirley Welch

Larry Desbien, nephew of Steve and Judy Bomgardner

Matthew Haslob, grandson of Mary Haslob

Dot Bright, grandmother of Collice Hamburg

Shannon Moody, daughter-in-law of Kay & Robert Moody

Thomas Latiolais, cousin of Jane Hipp

Sandy Jones, friend of Donna Reiss

Gabby Buford, NWR student

Peggy & Ray Cothran, parents of Melinda Cannon



Roxie Fuller, mother of Joey Fuller

Dustin Barnes, friend of Donna & Patti Reiss

Jack Weldy Sr, father of Jack / father-in-law of Susan Weldy

Margie Alford, mother of Kevin / mother-in-law of Mary Alford

Bernice Agardi, aunt of Ed Mueller

Zeno Mangum, friend of Jenise Kohnke

Gary Nowell, family of Kate Medlock

Phyllis Davis, mother of David Peters

Jackie McFadden, mother of Robert McFadden

Alex Shires, friend of Chris & Karen Cox

Teresa Jane Shimp, grandmother of David Shimp

Steve Bonom, husband of Sandra Bonom

Bob Peacock, brother-in-law of Maggie Peacock

Charles Riles, brother-in-law of Marguerite Wall

Bobby Cirilli, uncle of Karen Giordano; brother of Shirley Justice and Agnes Stewart

Bernie Regan, uncle of David Welch

Roseanne Comeaux, sister-in-law of Kathy Gieger

Mike Coomes, brother of Evelyn Weaver

Fr. Senan Mahoney, family of Eileen Lawson

Toy Overstreet, family of Kate Medlock

Daniel Topik, father of Derek Topik

Jo Nail, aunt of Karen Cox

Anna Fehn, friend of Roma Peters

Phan Van Pham

Chase Morris, son of Michelle & Keith Morris

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