Prayer List – please pray for the following


Rhetta Watt

Sherry Pitts

Beth Reiss and her unborn baby

Pete & Janys Canizaro

Carolyn Bergeron

Evelyn Weaver

Kate Medlock

Mike Kuriger

Mary Rogers

Landon Lamonis

Connie Graef

Donna Reiss

Cathy Port

Gary Harkins

Katheryn Duguay

Linda Russell

Brenda Kuriger

Martha Catherwood

Mary Haslob

Marge Daly

Tom Mullen

Carolyn Rehm



Ed McIntyre, father of Jeffrey McIntyre

Laurie Reinmann

Julia Ellis, daughter of Rhetta & Lee Watt

Dwayne Wilks, brother-in-law of Monica Walton

Jennie Lacy, grandmother of Cathy Mansell

Jim & Gerrianne Waring, sister & brother-in-law of Debbie Goodman

Avery Douglass, granddaughter of David & Winnie Browman

Nancy Odierno, sister of Cindy Allmon

Gabby Thomas, friend of Donna Reiss

Cathey Gieger, mother of Lorrie Drennan

Michael Guadagnoli 

Elisa McKinion

Claire & Sophia Rose White

Joyce Bourdier, friend of Paula Young

Ronnie Lacy, cousin of Cathy Mansell

Lisa Lann, friend of Angelika Accardo

Marella McCaslin, friend of Marjorie Whitmarsh

Alan Demascus

Rita Tebbetts, mother of Rosie Nettles

Lil Brown, mother of Bonnie Alford

Tabatha Head, sister-in-law of  Cory Head

Chris Haslob, son of Mary Haslob

Molly Sullivan, daughter of Stan & April Sullivan

Daniel Ring, stepfather of Michael Parsons

Chris Amos, son of Pat Amos

Dr. Sharon A. Watson, sister of Mary Jacq Easley

JoAnn Foret, mother of Rebecca Harris



Neal Juno, family member of Zena Lowrey

Kevin Hutchins, friend of Gian & Karen Petrignani

Tony Tummillo, father of Debbie Goodman

Kenny Simms, cousin of Alan Black

Jeffrey Dean, cousin of Alan Black

Laura Catherine Bomgardner, daughter-in-law of Steve & Judy Bomgardner

Joe Dabrowski, father of Donna Gorline

Bill Cranford, brother-in-law of Julie Barry Michael

Deborah Franklin, cousin of Brenda Kuriger

Eric Spears, friend of Eddie Borne

Harvey Tebbetts, stepfather of Rosie Nettles

Dario Robinson, father of Gabby Thomas

Art Landry, husband of Debbie Landry

Theresa Fluhr, niece of Maxine Miller

George Ferguson

Ray Butz

Ola Bell Patterson, great grandmother of Dominque Powell

Eddie Lingenfelder, son of Dennis & Peggy Lingenfelder

Ron Rumpler, uncle of Sam Hamburg

Cheryl Hodges, sister of Henry Morgan

Kathy Adcock, cousin of Brenda Kuriger

Steve McClellan, cousin of Melinda Cannon

Patty Hamburg, aunt of Sam Hamburg

Patsy Hilliard, friend of Bonnie Alford

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