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August 2016 Homilies

August 28, 2016.mp3     Fr. Al Camp is celebrating Mass for us during Fr. Gerry's absence. His Homily was successfully recorded! Listen here! Last Sunday's Readings (Aug 28th): audio version and text version.This Sunday's Readings (Sept 4th): audio version and text version. August 21, 2016 Homily.pdf  Due to technical difficulties, the Homily recording was not …

July 2016 Homilies

Live recordings of Fr. Gerry's Homilies are posted here weekly! Click on the date to listen. Read the Mass Readings of the day here — Daily Readings   July 31, 2016.mp3     Today's Gospel is one of Jesus' great teachings on wealth and personal possessions getting in the way of growing rich in the sight …

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